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Using Waves Plugins

Waves plugins are designed for transporting audio across the Soundgrid Network protocol. The Number of audio channels, plugins used and audio input can all be different, and depend on the size of your system. However, there are certain requirements that must be met for your system to process the audio.

To begin, you will require Gigabit Network infrastructure for connecting all the below listed components. Waves qualify certain Gigabit Networking for use with Soundgrid. A complete list can be found here.

Soundgrid Servers

Although they are called servers, in reality they are custom built PCs running a specialty Linux build. In normal operation, the sound engineer never interacts with the Linux OS. These servers are connected with Cat 6 to Gigabit Sound grid networks, powered on, and left alone. From there, the Plugin host will connect to an online server, using the Server's CPU processing for the Soundgrid plugins.

There are currently 3 servers, and 2 discontinued servers:

  • Impact Server V3
  • Server One
  • Extreme Server
  • Compact Server
  • Impact V2

The servers differ in a few ways:

  • Form Factor: The Extreme and Server One come in 2RU cases. Impact V2 and Compact are small desktop cases. Impact V3 comes in a half rack sized metal case. An optional Shelf bracket allows 2 to be mounted in a 2RU Space.
  • Connections: Current Servers have Networking:Ethercon locking Soundgrid port, IEC power, and not used HDMI and USB 3 Ports. The discontinued servers have a more standard motherboard I/O Section.
  • Processing Power: The primary difference between the servers. They have different bench marks for processing power depending on the Sample Rate.

A Pair of identical servers can be setup for redundancy. If the primary server should crash or shut off, the redundant server will resume processing audio.

Soundgrid I/O

The last hardware pieces connect to Soundgrid as inputs and outputs for the system. There are 3 main types of I/Os:

  • 3rd Party Mixer Networking Card: These cards attach inside digital mixers that already have I/Os. In this setup, the console usually will send Channel Inserts through the networking card to be processed. Alternatively, a Mixbus Send and Return or Input can also be sent through the card.
  • Digi Grid Cube Series: A PoE Series of IO, designed for quick Tabletop or mic stand mounted interfaces. The largest D interface has 4 Ins, 4 Outs, M has 2 Ins, 2 Outs, and Q is a 2 Out Headphone Amp.
  • Digigrid IOs: Rackmount IOs in a variety on Options. They differ in Number of Inputs, outputs, some also have built in Soundgrid Servers.

Plugin Host

Multirack Soundgrid

See Also

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  • Multirack Native A different version of using Waves Multirack and Plugins on a single console, connected without using a SoundGrid network.
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