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Now that you've got all the money you need to put on your production its now time to choose your venue...

The type of Venue you choose to perform at can affect many different aspects of your show and should have much consideration before you choose it. If the theater itself is putting on the show then great your venue is already chosen! If however you are looking for a venue in which to perform then you must consider all the possible options for where you are going to perform in.

One of the first major factors to consider is the size of the venue. In major theatrical cities (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc.) there may be union contracts that will be in effect in theaters to determine what sort of venues you can use. Most of these are under Equity Contracts that dictate the size of a venue you can have. Larger theaters typically will use more Equity Actors. With relation to the size of the venue you also want to be realistic as to how many audience members you can expect to have per night. A larger theater will likely cost more to rent, it won't do you any good to rent a large 500 seat theater if your only going to fill 200 seats on average a night. If you want to use a large theater you need to make sure that it is getting filled up for each performance.

Another factor to consider is the type of show you wish to perform. A show that has a lot of tech heavy elements may not be suited to be performed at small venue. Shows with a large amount of special effects or tech elements may require a large theater that has the space and nessccary technical aspects to perform them. Make sure you have a look at the technical aspects of the theater before you decide to use them. Again larger theaters generally are better equipped tech-wise to smaller ones. If your show does not require a large amount of special effects then it might be more cost effective to do it at a smaller venue.

The final factor to consider is the venue's location itself. Is it in the heart of downtown? An art walk? By the beach? Where the venue physically is at is important as it will play a factor into what sort of people can come to see your show. A theater that is in the a highly populated and highly trafficked area is great for attracting a lot of foot traffic. What other businesses are next to the theater? Could it be possible to do a dinner and a show promotion? Are there other theaters in the area around where yours is at? All of theses are questions to ask yourself about the venue that you wish to use.

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