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Lighting Purposes. How you use your light in theater is very important. You need to use your light effectively to hit different spots or areas on the stage.

Front Light (aka. Key Light)

Side Light

With side lighting the subject is hit with more intensity on one side of their face. It produces shadows and highlights on the subject, it also helps to add a little dimension to the subject.

Foot Light

Lights arranged near the edge of the stage at the actors feet. They usually shine upwards and can cast large shadows.

Top Light

Light that shines directly from above down onto the subject. This light creates ugly shadows under the eyes of the subject and is good for making a more sinister air for a character

Back Light

Light cast either from the back or at a 90 degree angle to the subject. It is used to give the illusion of depth or of separation from the subject and the background

Gobo Wash

A gobo is a device that is inserted into an ERS that helps distribute light in a pattern. It is a thin strip of metal with patterns cut into it that cause a variety of different effects. Gobo washes can add more depth and variety to your lighting design