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Creative Team

This term can often expand to include all of the Designers as well, but for the sake of this wiki, the designers will be covered in their own categories.

Probably the most visible member of the creative team, the Director is the person overall responsible for the show's appearance.

This person is responsible for staging of performers during key moments. The amount of time the Choreographer spends staging performers widely depends on the show.

In dance, the choreographer is usually analogous to the Director, being the person responsible for all movements.

In Theater, this may be relegated to certain moments, such as dance numbers only. There is often a lot of overlap with the Director during these moments.

In shows with a lot of live music, a Musical Director is required. Most often, they are in charge of directing musicians, and integrating live music into a show. In symphonic concerts and musicals, they are usually the conductor of the orchestra. In other live band or shows using recorded music, they may be closer to a manager arranging music to be performed.

While technically not a director in the sense of making creative decisions, the Production Manager has many responsibilities that lie in the nuts and bolts of a show.

Typically, their job would be similar to a company manager if the company does not employ their own. Similar responsibilities include scheduling crew, making payment arrangements, and being in charge of logistical manners.

Not to be confused with a Technical Director (Venue)
The technical director helps designers incorporate their vision into a production. This role requires being at least basically knowledgeable in all technical fields that will be used in the show. They will often confer with a TD of a venue for loading in technical elements, or in situations such as outdoor concerts, they may be responsible for all of the load in.