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You have the play, the money, the designers, and a stage manager who's going to keep it all together! You are now ready to hold your auditions. Auditions are how you find the actors you will use in your production. You will get many actors coming to your auditions to have their chance at the roles in your play. How you handle auditions will help a lot in your selection process.

Firstly it is important to get the word out about auditions ASAP. Once you have all your other elements in place you need to get the word out for your auditions quickly so that actors will have time to fit it in their schedules. There are websites that are usually local to the area where your production is taking place that will help to list auditions. These websites are probably your best bet at reaching a lot of actors in a large sweep. You may also use more conventional methods such as flyers posted at theaters or near them. Getting the word out about your auditions will help attract a large sample size of actors to choose from.

When the date for auditions arrives you will want to make sure and try to be as organized as possible. There will be a LOT of actors coming in to read for roles. Seeing them all in a timely manner will be important. If actors have signed up for a time in advance it will help you to get an idea of who will be coming when. Auditions may last a long time you should be prepared for that as well

How you choose which actors are right for which role is a subject of much debate. Suffice to say it would take to long to explain here and this wiki focuses more on the technical side of things than the artistic. Regardless of such once your auditions are over you are ready for the next phase of the production lifecycle…..Rehearsal Period

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